The most romantic bridal means
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The best time in lifetime, how to invite new personality and guest forever unforgettable, important is bridal plan:

Can decide bridal time in the late evening, use pendulous candle power illume, can create the atmosphere that gives a kind of special romance. When the bride comes on the stage, full-court lamplight is abate, the bride falls to be walked out of from protective screen hind in the follow of the lamp that chase after light, slowly trend bridegroom; Every are transient a piece of relatives and friends people surround those who sit is round-table, round-table the candle that go up can be illumed, become alley of a candle power repeatedly slowly; The bride moves toward bridegroom eventually, " wedding march " since the noise, in composition new personality exchanges ring, kiss; The cake of light candle is rolled out, new personality is blown destroy the candle that promise, round-table the candle that go up also is extinguished, at this moment headlight shines, sound of applause, blessing, laugh also rings together...

Suit a crowd: Pay attention to a heart to experience, the new personality that is full of romantic temperament.

Close clew: Because have the regulation of very much use candle and restriction, notice the likelihood causes the hidden trouble of the accident even.

Network marriage comity is fictitious travel together with reality

Enter in fictitious world when more and more people when swinging all corners of the country, the sweethearts in a little real life also moves his wedding in network game. Though be fictitious wedding, but case gift, ring is same cannot little. The newlywed person that wedding of network of a pair of choices and actual wedding are held at the same time expresses, they are network game is confused two, this they had received wedding 240 thousand yuan of fictitious moneys, when wedding ring is revealed on the net, new a form of address for one's wife one face is bright: "This ruby ring is he fights with an eccentric person win, value 5 million yuan of fictitious moneys. " netizens bless this pair of new personality in succession, a lot of netizens return magic power of put to good use to give off fictitious fireworks to celebrate on the net. Meanwhile, in actual Internet bar, in the hurrah of netizens, neck of deep feeling of two new personality. They say excitedly: "True wedding is to seek jural acknowledgement, network wedding is the acknowledgement that seeks friends. Network wedding is the acknowledgement that seeks friends..

Suit a crowd: Net bug new personality.

Close clew: Must wedding of network of give attention to two or morethings and actual and bridal synchronous sex, had better ask assistance of ace of a few computer to make preparations.

Bridge wedding uses magpie to creat enthusiasticly happy match

The originality that wedding of colorific of this romantic and rich love designs comes from the new personality that once was a classmate to. They prepare this year 51 marry, flow at convention to do not let wedding, after two people ask for those who get bilateral father and mother to agree, the decision does not invite any close friends to attend wedding, invite respective college fellow student only, hold what send individually " magpie bridge is bridal " . Bridegroom and bride invite the men and women of 6 colleges classmate that waits for circumjacent town work in Zhengzhou, Luoyang, new rural area at present respectively classmate (requirement: These classmates have not find appropriate object) . In bridal formally, two people do not advocate grandiose waste, should reflect natural, romantic, passion, lively. For this, they are in bridal place protocol Zhengzhou environs garden of a zoology. 7 pairs handsome male beautiful female come to here, accompany or clustering round the stimulation that new personality enjoys horseback to the top of one's bent to go up to horsemanship club and cry happily, what also can experience fishing is cheerful with fun. Here, whats can think, whats need not think. If have the fellow student of male and female that comes round to attend wedding really,because of this night knot issues the fate brings lovers together, didn't the meaning of magpie bridge wedding come true?
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