Bridal marriage banquet orders banquet to have exquisite
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Welcome to my homepage The wedding breakfast in wedding is whole wedding press an axis, wedding breakfast is good eat, it is very important to guest. How is that in the budget, do good wedding breakfast? Before ordering wedding breakfast, should want to define oneself budget first, again number of set good desk, can search appropriate wineshop. You can go to the lavatory to selected appropriate wedding breakfast site according to budget and traffic, at the same time OK also parents of according to both sides is right the taste preference of wedding breakfast, it is for example with Guangdong famished look or it is the arrange that this side famished look gives priority to the famished look that will try to choose party for direction, after having the principle that these choose above, the detail that the attention wants when ordering wedding breakfast namely. The spot makes an on-the-spot investigation: Proposal people of a new type and domestic person can arrive personally specification, famished look and price show spot understanding, field, include wine water, melon seeds, candied, cigarette to do sth for sb the detail such as valence, reach dining-room assembly room to still can supply what free equipment, whether can cooperate wedding breakfast program to wait. These detail beards and controller of wedding breakfast assembly room are knocked together calm, still need understanding to jockey problem and payment. Say commonly, the dining-room of wedding breakfast can provide the service of foretaste normally now, but foretaste is not free, just have trifling discount than fixing a price, if new personality wants to understand the content of banquet, might as well foretaste. Understand prices: On the price, normally 20 desks above can have more discount, and can add send more fruit juice or watery wine, so new personality mights as well and wedding breakfast dining-room talks, perhaps can get more privilege. Relevant preparation: Normally one desk makes an appointment with wedding breakfast 6 ~ are fond of beard and hair 7 pieces post, if want to add,decrease desk number to want to decide before 7 days accordingly, and tell the desk number with wedding breakfast final dining room, also want beforehand to inform wedding breakfast at the same time that day note and will sign at the same time the preparation such as account of silken, book accepting a gift, photo, happy event, Xie Ka is proper. On the other hand, proposal people of a new type wants in advance to arrange personnel accepting a gift to reach entertain, and hand in handle water of wine of check the amount, melon seeds, candied, cigarette and number of desk opening place. Bridal program also must be coordinated beforehand with dining-room personnel, the control of the control that is like guest order of seats, time opening place, propose a toast of means affirmatory. Sign a contract: Here special remind new personality to want to notice, after deciding wedding breakfast content and desk are counted, remember signing agreement book even, in order to ensure the detail of a few relevant wedding breakfast, lest arrive from time to tome any errors and have issue.
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