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Company of one culture development calls Jinan newly-married secretarial job is " help a client "

Secretary of newly-married of dispatch of our newspaper Jinan is marriage the new occupation in celebrating an industry, recently, company of development of a culture hit Jinan advertisement of secretarial of newly-married of invite applications for a job, the reporter investigates discovery, this company is explanation of newly-married secretarial job unexpectedly " help a client " .

Yesterday, the reporter saw the help wanted of this company on sina website, position description is " offer the directive job before marriage for the new personality that will marry " , advertisement still says this company " can offer to all newly-married secretaries more professional, of systematization, professionalism groom " .

However the reporter comes to this company discover the circumstance is not however such. The lady at the beginning of this company controller says, newly-married secretarial basically works is to be a company to help a client, be like bridal plan otherly, make up wait to technical person is done, do not need newly-married secretary to do. After joining this company, every newly-married secretary is in charge of an area, salary increases the deduct a percentage of 5% 400 yuan for low firewood, help a client namely, can deduct a percentage from a sum of money is whole and bridal 5% of charge.

Is newly-married secretarial job is like to help a client? To the reporter's doubt, the lady says first, if newly-married secretary works well, can make concoctive staff, be in charge of the plan of whole wedding.

The reporter asks again, what weigh in advertisement " more professional, of systematization, professionalism groom " be what kind of groom. The lady replies first " the edge learns by the side of the job " .

To this, the reporter sought advice from the personage inside course of study Mr Li. Mr Li says, newly-married secretary is new occupation, most person does not know how to return a responsibility, "Help a client " not be newly-married secretarial job for certain. Demand of newly-married secretary profession is very high, if want to pursue this profession, must want to accept very complex groom, make up for instance knowledge of skill, colour, formal knowledge, folk-custom literacy knowledge, at present Shanghai, Beijing has such grooming orgnaization, jinan is returned.

Perfectness make up and nurse folk-custom of deep know well and vogue

Newly-married secretary must be " industry a versatile person "

Dispatch of our newspaper Jinan " newly-married secretary must be marriage a versatile person that celebrates an industry, this searchs very hard in Jinan. " Liu Yongbo of undersecretary of department of propaganda of Qing Qingdian association says Jinan city marriage.

According to introducing, newly-married secretary comes from building of shadow of gauze of Hong Kong marriage. Be in Hong Kong, new personality often should shift to an earlier date half an year begins to prepare wedding, general affairs is trival, so new personality is willing to look for whole journey of secretary of a newly-married to engineer a service, make oneself a bit more relaxed. It is at present on the high-end wedding of and other places of Shanghai, Beijing, newly-married secretary is very popular.
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