Marriage celebrate things to want quality more want health
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The colored ribbon that the market observes

  marriage celebrates colored ribbon to injure a person again and again many colored ribbon are " 3 without "

  reporter visits a capital the discovery of small commodities market that a few marriage celebrate things to gather together, specialize in at present marriage the bar that celebrates colored ribbon is very few, basic it is be mingled with sells in other gift. And there is the content such as date of factory name, note, birth on outer packing of many colored ribbon product that sell in the small commodities market that these blame specialize in, also do not have caution mark; The shop of the celebration things such as colored ribbon of a lot of management colour paper does not have chemical business certificate.  

The reporter enquires business door, why is English completely on colored ribbon bottle, did not produce the content such as date, business door expresses in succession, colored ribbon is such, use anyway very simple, press nozzle went. To media again and again the incident of the new personality of colored ribbon burn of exposure, business door expresses to had not heard of, claim stoutly oneself product does not have danger absolutely.  

The expert reminds: "3 without " product, once discovery will give of short duration is buckled

The staff member of door of   The Ministry of Commerce and Industry expresses, a few marriage celebrate colored ribbon to belong to " 3 without " product, once discovery will be buckled with of short duration.

Marriage of association of work of   China celebrates industry committee to concern chief introduction, our country has not published the national level that is aimed at colored ribbon product, also had not undertaken to this kind of product special selective examination. Delectable is, suffer a country to standardize committee and civil administration ministries and commissions to hold in the palm, this committee is being drafted " countrywide marriage celebrates service industry system of standardization " . In all will brigadier of nearly 70 mark is drafted in 9 years of inland add, come on stage, involve among them marriage celebrate things of banquet of company aptitude, bridal compere, marriage, bridal prop to wait, also include marriage the safe level that celebrates commodity.  

The happy candy that the market observes

Choose and buy of new personality of care of can of happy candy quality wants   chocolate careful

The weight that candy of   nowadays holds happy candy is less and less, those who replace is a few chocolate that pack each different, because be big batch,buy, what consumer often considers is the price, and ignored quality. What does not know these low chocolate is " army of a less known and inferior brand " , some are even " 3 without " product.  

The reporter headed for the candied area of terminal market of sunny Ou Mou a few days ago, before noticing each stall filled up with sundry, different the chocolate that pack. The price of these chocolate is dog-cheap, 78 horn money can buy below one, theory jin sell ability 10 yuan of fund.
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