Bridal fastigium should take seriously marriage celebrate things safety
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The reporter understands from civil administration branch yesterday, "51 " during the golden week, the our city will greet bridal fastigium, the wedding that reckons this year will have 30% is held during this. Our city marriage celebrates the personage inside course of study to remind newlywed person, marriage celebrate product safety problem to not allow to ignore.

According to divulging, because lack safe level,a lot of marriage celebrate a product, appear extremely easily problem. Marriage celebrate the personage inside course of study to introduce, sparge of the cold fireworks that sells in the market now, color, pressure firework is played etc marriage celebrate a product, have a lot of " 3 without " product and fake product, and it is combustible article. When Chinese marriage celebrates Shi Kangning of industry committee total person in charge of something to accept a reporter to interview, say, marriage celebrate a product insecure had caused a lot of problems, what there has been normal manufacturer production on our city market is flame retardant marriage celebrate things, price differs with those combustible products not quite. In addition, the personage inside a lot of course of study recommends the bridal articles for use such as wastepaper, leaf, already environmental protection civilized, romantic, also be the optimal substitute that a lot of combustible marriage celebrate things.

The reporter understands, be held in the palm by ministries and commissions of national civil administration, chinese marriage celebrates industry committee to be being made " national marriage celebrates industry government and service standard system " , include marriage is the environmental protection that celebrates a product, wholesome with safe level inside, involve marriage the service aptitude that celebrates a company, marriage is celebrated wait for square field surface from level of staff of course of study, marriage gauze standard. Current, basic frame has completed this system, entering detailed rules to establish level. The personage inside course of study thinks, this will be advanced greatly marriage the orderly progress that celebrates an industry.