Fujian: 2008 marriage celebrate things exposition to kick off
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Year old the fastigium that new people marries is at the beginning of last years of a dynasty or reign, not only the business of building of shadow of gauze of hotel, marriage is prosperous, the career " of this " sweetness also draws major to exhibit the participation of the meeting, a few days ago, 2008 Fujian marriage celebrates things exposition to pull open heavy curtain in Fuzhou international exhibition center.

Marriage celebrate car of home appliance of dress, brand, bridal plan, festival marriage, the marriage of see everywhere of a few Lang of the big Lilin that exhibit an area celebrates things to was the new people that is about to enter marital hall to offer " of big eat of rose of a path " . Miss Wang that preparation marries during the Spring Festival rambles in exposition spot extremely. Young lady of Fuzhou citizen king is compared this comprehensive, include bridal plan to still have home appliance ah, gauze of dress, marriage has, it is better to ramble than a home more concentration, need not expend too much effort with respect to catch the whole lot in an action. Miss Wang is hold Western-style the bridal hesitate that still is Chinese style, after the wedding that compared exposition spot engineers model, she decides feeling pleasedly to do glow of phoenix coronet of a " to wrap around the classic bride of " . Sound of the corresponding period: The marriage of tradition of young lady of Fuzhou citizen king celebrates a thing to like quite, I feel this is planted grander, marry can choose such way.

The new people gains that exposition lets be about to enter marital hall not only is not minor, festival and lively atmosphere made many youths yearning remove encircle a city to live. Sound of the corresponding period: Fuzhou citizen if Miss Chen has preparation to want to marry, come over here look, such a marriage is OK doing come down, very enchanted, let me have the feeling that wants to marry. As we have learned, marriage celebrate things exposition by a definite date 10 days, two special performance still will be held to date during meeting.