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Message of 1000 hill evening paper (reporter Wang Jue) body part rises in price times, the accurate newlywed person that needs beautiful money everywhere should be known more " managing " importance. For this, the reporter interviewed many personage inside course of study yesterday, in new round of marriage is celebrated during the summit is imminent, to preparing bridal saddle hill accurate new personality gives excellent plan of be economical of on one action.

Marriage celebrate things clever collocation

Come day after day, marriage the marriage in celebrating things formal attire and bedding, all present an overt value to go up situation, for example " 51 " a when around rents the price is controlled in 400 yuan intermediate marriage gauze, already went up to at present nearly 600 yuan. Additional, the price of most brand bedding rises be in become above. And the summation of these two expenditure is close 10 thousand yuan, in marriage in celebrating things budget, occupy bigger.

To obtain the marriage with a practical economy the bed is tasted purchase program, saddle Shan Mou interlinks household to sell the senior sale controller of field Ms. Guo introduction, the marriage of current and most accurate new personality the bed tastes detailed list to include: Bedspread " big " one, quilt 4 beds, pillow two pairs, cover bedspread 4 times. In the choose and buy " big " when bedspread, ms. Guo proposal is gone after not blindly " several " , exemple if be covered 7 times with the brand,cover than 9 only sleep less sheet and hold pillow in the arms, but the price however " cheap " 300 multivariate, sleep actually sheet can be bought additionally, hold pillow in the arms dispensable. On quilt choose and buy, ms. Guo thinks newlywed buys two beds by actualer -- 4 kilograms of right-and-left silk are added again a 7 aperture by, be issued nearly 1000 yuan by the province than buying 4 beds at least. And when buying a pillow, but " say turkey to one and bazzard to another " , advocate lie option price is in 150 yuan / the pillow of the left and right sides that protect a neck, guest room buys every 349 yuan breathe freely cotton pillow can.

The path of the save money that takes to knot wedding, ms. Li that preparing wedding tells a reporter, all marriage gauze of before she visited a station almost a few days ago one belt leases shop, discovery should hire a design, quality the marriage gauze of justifiable, need 500 yuan at least, plus two formal attire, expenditure gets 1000 yuan of above. She bought gauze of a marriage and two knots wedding to take below the friend's proposal later, just spent be less than 700 yuan, and be brand-new, accordingly she suggests to allow appropriate of formal attire of bridal marriage gauze to buy unfavorable hire.

Marriage celebrate a service to accept or reject have

The reporter investigates discovery, at present should be passed marriage celebrate a company organization, make preparations intermediate and bridal, need 5000 yuan probably, 6000 yuan, the price is compared this year " 51 " around went up slightly 5% , 8% .
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