Much marriage of Olympic Games wedding celebrates things to take care " faint "
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Businessman of accidentally drop of the hard to avoid in flourishing should be known help sb to fulfill his wishes
This year Olympic Games year, new personality is particularly much. For a short while, about bridal product sell like hot cakes. Festive atmosphere is everywhere on the market, everybody hopes to marry smoothly, always can have a few bad small songs in a film or play.

Episode one: Should stick do not stick, the cement that ought not to stick

Next month, the wedding that is Ren Qing. She and fiance provide terminal market to buy a few invitation card and red package to boreal style or manner of writing yesterday morning. To go to the lavatory, two people are designed choose and buy the product of automatic agglutinate function. After coming home, discover invitation card and red bag just are in heal place to be being written however " automatic agglutinate " , do not stick however on.

Contrary thing, happen on body of elder sister of watch holding the post of a fine however. She marries last week, for adornment, provide terminal market and choose and buy of small commodities macrocosm from boreal style or manner of writing designedly a few design are delicate " stick a graph to tattoo the skin " . After the ceremony ends, at the outset affirmatory " one rub is dropped " use all sorts of methods to go hard now clean.

Episode 2: Good-looking do not go out, swing uglily do not drop

The month tentativelies in emperor on the wedding that road of area Mount Hua holds at the door some hotel lets anxious of leading role Xing Kai. Kin friend was in that day, particularly lively. He just was holding a bride in the arms to come up and down from marriage car, awaiting both sides fireworks and firecrackers ejective and striped from which cross. But 10 fireworks and firecrackers have a half to leave only. Ceremony when, it is they cross the style that brings scintilla surely formerly, ignite the candle to step. But the fireworks and firecrackers in style ordered gift for ages ejective scintilla.

When can doing obeisance to heaven and earth, xing Kai's colleague is taking bottled colored ribbon to go up toward his body gush is striped, who knows what gush comes out is not, however other people of slimy blue conglomerate form, stick in blue-black suit to brush brush do not drop, sent dry-clean to expend money more all the more.

Epilogue: Help sb to fulfill his wishes into ability of whole new personality oneself

Marry, it is the important matter in person lifetime, everybody hopes that is day happiness, satisfactory. Can namely a few dot affected mood. The reporter is in visit marriage celebrate market research, many non-standard things were concealed really below this red. Partial price is packed high inside good-looking bad, the quality with low price is too general, and 3 be in the majority without the product. Although these things are one-time thing, but the businessman should not do one-time business. Ability meets the happiness that becomes complete newlywed person to make money truly.
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